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Arab League Expresses Alarm Over Ethiopia’s Message to UN SC


A source at the Arab League’ s General Secretariat expressed alarm  over the recent Ethiopia’s message to the UN Security Council  on fifth  of current July  in which it rejected  intervention  of the Arab League  in issue of the Renaissance Dam alleging that it undermines  the cordial  and cooperation  relations  between the Arab League and the African Union .

The source  said the Ethiopian message contained  many contradictions the most dangerous aspect of it is the apparent attempt to drive a wedge between the two regional organizations that have long maintained, in the past and the present, the closest and most solid relations.

The  source stressed that the Arab League  would not want to enter into confrontation with  the African Union, especially that  its membership includes (10) Arab countries  and in the same  time they are   members  in the African Union , pointing out that  Arab League  has  various mechanisms  for consultation  and joint  work  with  the African Union and keen to  coordinate stances  with it over a number  of issues  in addition to excellent ties that link  the Secretary-General of the  Arab League with the Chairperson of the African Union Commission.

The source  added  that the intervention of the Arab League in issue of the Renaissance  Dam  was normal and logical  as the issue negatively affected   two  of its members, Sudan and Egypt, stressing that the just positions  of the two countries  which  called for  comprehensive  and binding agreement over filling and  operation  of  the dam, wins the Arab consensus.

The  source concluded  that the Ethiopian attempt to protray  the issue as Arab-African conflict  was wrong  and   regretable, urging Addis Ababa  to reconsider  this unconstructive method.




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