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Barricades Removed and Roads Opened in Port-Sudan City


The Minister of Interior, Gen (police) Izz-Eddin Al-Sheikh, has given a directive for removing barricades, re-opening the streets and normalizing life in Port-Sudan within 24 hours.

This came during a tour carried out Monday by the ministerial delegation visiting Port-Sudan city to inspect the security situation on the ground at the tribal dispute area in the northern part and the and the eastern land of Port-Sudan, as part of the delegation’s current visit to the Red Sea State, on the background of Izzedine the bloody events that took place in Port Sudan last Saturday night, and to express condolences to the victims of these events.

Meanwhile, the Wali (governor) of the Red Sea State, Abdalla Shingray, affirmed his government commitment to provide aid and logistic support to the joint forces that arrived in Port-Sudan.




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