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Daglo informed on Sudan -South Sudan border talks


First Vice President of Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC) Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo was informed on Joint Border Commission talks between Sudan and South Sudan.

This came following the two parties continuing talks in Khartoum since last Sunday.

The Head of Border commission Maaz Tango said that the joint commission informed Daglo on the joint talks about the description and demarcation of borders between the two countries.

Tango told reporters that the two parties exchanged viewpoints on documents that proof each party right based on first January 1956 borders description.

According to Tango  the joint commission gave assurances to FVP of Transitional Sovereignty Council that talks are progressing well based on brotherly manner.

He said that border file between the two countries could   be settled and that the Sudanese people in the two countries would enjoy peace and stability.

South Sudan Information Minister and Member of Border Joint Commission, Michael MaKule Loweth described the meeting with FVP asfruitful, hoping that a solution on outstanding issues could be reached as soon as possible.




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