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Exclusive: UAE terrorist cells arrested in Sudan, urgent action by Abu Dhabi


Identical Sudanese and Emirati sources revealed the arrest of terrorist cells affiliated with the UAE in Sudan, which necessitated urgent action by Abu Dhabi.

The sources told Emirates Leaks that the arrested terrorist cells consisted of 12 people affiliated with Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, divided into two groups.

The sources pointed out that the UAE regime moved urgently through an official request issued by the UAE Attorney General to Sudan in order to hand them over some of the arrested cell elements.

According to the sources, the Emirati move came against the background of fears that the Sudanese security services would reveal details related to Abu Dhabi’s financing and direction of the arrested terrorist cells and make them public.

Arrest details
Last Monday, the 7th of this month, Sudanese newspapers published a news story that (the Prosecution of Combating Terrorism and Crimes Against the State in Sudan), in cooperation with the competent authorities; It arrested (9) terrorists in Khartoum belonging to Al-Qaeda of different nationalities.

The report stated that the Sudanese prosecutor revealed that they arrested the terrorists in cooperation with the competent authorities, explaining that among them were holders of Syrian passports of Tunisian and Chadian origin, one of whom was accused of plotting to attack foreign tourists in the Sousse region in Tunisia.

The prosecutor added – according to the news – that they had received a request from the UAE Public Prosecutor to extradite them to suspects belonging to Al-Qaeda.

A security source reveals the link to the UAE
For his part, a senior commander in the Anti-Terrorism Department of the Counter-Intelligence Authority of the Sudanese General Intelligence Service said that the seized cells are two groups that move separately from each other.

However, the leader confirmed that the two groups are affiliated with Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the first cell includes (6) elements, and the second cell also includes (6) various elements.

He explained that the first cell includes (6) elements, all of whom are Yemenis, who entered Sudan as tourists, in two separate groups.

According to the leader, there is no information available about the reasons for the UAE’s request to hand over some of the elements, amid strong suspicions that Abu Dhabi is linked to them.

The Sudanese security leader confirmed that the file was transferred to the Public Prosecution Office to initiate legal procedures against them, leading to their trial, if no other instructions were issued to hand them over to countries requesting them; Noting that they are detained by the General Intelligence.

Abu Dhabi move urgently
As soon as it was proven that the Sudanese authorities had arrested terrorist cells, the UAE ambassador to Khartoum, Hamad Muhammad Hamid Al-Junaibi, sent an urgent request to Abu Dhabi to end his term and transfer him.

An Emirati source said that Al-Junaibi asked his country to end his work and transfer him from Sudan, knowing that he assumed his duties in May 2015 and is also working as a non-resident ambassador for his country to Chad; Previously, he worked in Khartoum as Deputy Head of Mission (2001-2003).

The source confirmed the existence of an unknown relationship (which may be proven by Sudanese investigations with the terrorist network) linking the Emirati ambassador in Khartoum to supporting the arrested terrorist cells and facilitating their entry and mission to Sudan.

It is also likely that the Emirati ambassador is trying to leave before any charges are proven against him, with the aim of not revoking his diplomatic immunity, or at the very least, expelling him from the country.

According to the testimony of the Sudanese security official, 3 of the Yemeni detainees were among the elements of terrorist cells from the Yemeni city of (Al-Mukalla), which is controlled by the Emiratis.

Another reason is that two of the detainees were working in Dubai, one of them for more than (4) years, and they are closely linked with the Emirati authorities, who recruited them to work abroad to serve Abu Dhabi conspiracies.


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