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Highlights on press briefing of Irrigation Minister on Ethiopian Dam


The Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, Prof. Yasser Abbas has disclosed in the press briefing he gave today in the Irrigation Ministry that the information and the data reached by the ministry’s technical team were more adequate than the information sent to Sudan by the Ethiopian Prime Minister on the second filling of the dam

The Minister underlined that the Ethiopian Minister of Irrigation and Electricity in the letter sent Sudan dated July 5 that Ethiopia will reserve 13.5 billion cubic meters, while the total that has been stored in the Renaissance Dam lake for this year is 4 billion cubic meters.

The exchange of information between Sudan and Ethiopia does not detract from the operation of the Renaissance Dam and does not pose a threat to the progress of construction despite its importance to the security of Sudan.

Sudan persists on the necessity for data exchange to maintain the safety of the Sudanese dams system from Rossires and up to Khartoum and Atbara.

Prof. Abbas affirmed that the Renaissance Dam benefits Sudan in terms of electricity generation, reducing floods and silting, and operating the Roseires dam, on condition that a legally binding agreement and the exchange of information and data is reached.

The disagreement on filling and operation of the Renaissance Dam poses threat to half of Sudan population.

The failure of the previous negotiation led Sudan to resort to the UN Security Council.

Sudan insists on holding serious negotiations to preserve the right of all and not negotiations for buying time.

The Blue Nile is an international River shared by Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia.

Ethiopia practices the de facto policy regarding the unilateral filling of the dam without reaching an agreement.

The mission of the Ministry of Irrigation is to forecast floods and help other sectors to take the necessary precautions.

The us position in the UN Security Council was positive and urged the African Union to continue the negotiation and reject the unilateral filling of the dam.

Getting the information on the filling and operation of the Renaissance Dam is legal right and not a grant according to the international law.




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