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Mariam Meets Russian Minister of Natural Resources


Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr.Mariam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi  held a  meeting in Moscow on Wednesday with Russian Minister for Natural Resources and Environment and Head of  Russian side of Sudanese –Russian Joint Ministerial Committee for Economic and Trade Cooperation, Alexander Kozlov.

Dr. Mariam conveyed the greetings of Mineral Minister and Head of the Sudanese side at the joint Sudanese –Russian Economic Committee, Bashir Mohamed Bashir to his Russian counterpart.

She explained that coronavirus pandemic delayed the work of the joint committee, affirming the importance of holding the joint committee meetings in Khartoum before the year end.

The Minister stressed on the economic reforms carried out by the Government of Transitional Period which are aimed at setting up good investment atmosphere in Sudan.

She also pointed to the endorsement of the new Acts in the field of partnership between private and public sectors, the signing of the memorandum of understanding by the two Ministers of Finance in the two countries to write off Sudan debts owed to Russian so that the first could benefit from HIPC initiative.

This according to Dr. Mariam could make Sudan competent in attracting foreign investors and   international companies on top of them are Russian companies.

The two sides affirmed the deep historical bilateral relations between the two countries and the importance of enhancing cooperation in all fields particularly on infrastructure, minerals, agriculture, civil aviation and military fields.

On Russian Minister of Natural Resources question about the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Dr. Mariam reviewed the historical case of the dam, its advantages and disadvantages besides the reasons behind Sudan’s rejection to unilateral filling of the dam.

On his part the Russian Minister presented his country’s experience in the operations of downstream water coming from upstream neighboring countries beside polices and water legislations and laws that abiding those countries.




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