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Ministry of Interior Issues Statement on Weapons Shipment


The Ministry of Interior issued on Monday a press statement explaining the circumstances of the weapons’ shipment that arrived in the country yesterday (Sunday) on board an Ethiopian plane, and confirmed that the procedures for its entry were correct.

The statement indicated that on September 4/2021, a shipment of weapons arrived on board Ethiopian Airlines plane containing (73) parcels of bullets and (290) bullets caliber (223) and bill of lading No. (710341147) dated May 21, 2019, coming from Russia to Khartoum through Addis Ababa, and belongs to the importer Wael Shams-Eddin, who works in the field of weapons trade and has a valid weapons trade license issued by the General Department of Investigation and the Criminal Investigations, adding the shipment was seized by Ethiopian Airlines throughout that period.

The statement of the Ministry of Interior explained that upon arrival of the shipment and after checking the documents, the Khartoum Airport Customs Department handed over two guns to the Military Intelligence to conduct the examination according to a letter based on their request, adding that on the same date September 5/2021, the Empowerment Removal Prosecution issued a letter to the Khartoum Airport Customs Department to seize the contents of the shipment.

The statement said that after the Khartoum Airport Customs Department got assured the correctness and legality of the shipment’s procedures and the absence of any legal violation, it started the clearance procedures for the importer Wael Shams-Eddin through his agent as a normal procedure carried out by the Customs authorities.

The Ministry of Interior pointed out that therefore what was circulated in social media on this issue was false and untrue.





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