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Smart Africa Alliance Announces Sudan Joining to Alliance


The Smart Africa Alliance has approved Sudan membership in the grouping that includes more than 30 African countries and international bodies concerned with technology as a way to achieve development and economic development in the continent through technology.

The alliance said in a press statement today that Sudan has now become the 32nd African country to join the Smart Africa Alliance, affirming Khartoum’s strong determination to make technology an essential factor in the country’s reconstruction.

It is noteworthy that this broad “Smart Africa Alliance” is a group of African countries, international organizations and actors in the global private sector that aim to strengthen and enhance Africa’s digital agenda.

At the head of the alliance is a group of African leaders who are keen on innovation and seeking to expedite the sustainable social and economic development in the continent and Africa’s integration into the global knowledge economy through the access and use of the international communication technology at affordable prices.

The leaders of seven African states launched the group of “Smart Africa Alliance” in the year 2013, and it has grown since that date to a membership of 32 countries, with a total population of more than 815 million people and more than 40 committed private sector members who share a common vision for the development of the African continent.

The Director General and CEO of the Smart Africa Alliance, Lasina Kone, expressed the group’s welcome to Sudan’s membership at the group, saying, “We are honored to welcome the Republic of Sudan as the 32nd member country of the Smart Africa Alliance, and this brings us closer to achieving our vision of transforming Africa into a market we are looking forward to using technology to push forward the social and economic development in Sudan.

The statement indicated that Sudan has adopted major reforms aimed at using technology to advance the social and economic development in this region of north eastern Africa, stating that with this new path technology will lead to building a growing digital economy and will advance education, health and growth in the country.

The General Director of the National Information Center, Ammar Hamadain, has expressed his pleasure on Sudan’s joining to the Smart Africa Alliance at a time when Sudan embarked on an ambitious digital transformation journey that will lead to a qualitative shift and provide valuable contributions towards a brighter future for its citizens.

Ammar Hamadain said that with the presence of talented ICT professionals in the country, Sudan will play a key role in shaping Africa’s united digital market.

Through its membership in the Smart Africa Alliance, Sudan will be able to contribute to and benefit from the initiatives of Africa within the framework of the alliance, which include plans to develop smart cities, smart villages, digital economy, communication with large capacities, emerging ICT companies, systems of larger creative data.




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