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Sudan issues statement on current developments in Ethiopia


Sudan on Sunday issued a statement expressing its stands vis-à-vis the recent developments in its eastern neighbor, Ethiopia.

Here under is the full text of the statement:

The position of the Government of Sudan on the recent developments in neighboring Ethiopia

A high-level meeting was convened on the 3rd of July 2021, which brought together the President and the Deputy of the Transitional Sovereignty Council the Prime Minister, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

After reviewing the recent developments in neighboring Ethiopia, the meeting affirmed the following:

1. Sudan has deep-rooted historical neighborly relations with Ethiopia as well as strategic interests.

Therefore, The Government of Sudan is deeply concerned by the recent developments, which have the potential of negatively affecting the regional stability, particularly that of neighboring countries.

2. While the future of Ethiopia will be decided by the Ethiopian people, however, in light of these exceptional strategic relations, the Government of Sudan will spare no efforts with all Ethiopian parties to reach reconciliation, one which will cement unity and founded on the vision decided by the Ethiopian people.

In this respect, the Government of Sudan will work closely with all neighboring countries and the international community towards achieving this end.

3- Since the eruption of the conflict, Sudan has continued to provide support for the provision of humanitarian aid. Accordingly, Sudan Government affirms its commitment to continue providing all necessary humanitarian support.

Finally; Sudan calls upon all parties to cease fire, sit around the negotiation table, and ensure humanitarian aid access to all those in need.



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